To understand how BoomerIT works; we must first understand the evolution that brought us to this time. We didn’t have cell phones to listen to music… but we did have transistor radios to listen to the latest bands emerging.  We didn’t have the internet to research our term paper, but we did have libraries to accomplish the same research. As technology evolved from Mainframe Computers to Personal Computers, Laptops, Cell Phones, Smart Watches and the Internet, we embraced it and became a generation re-connected. We learned how to email, join FaceBook, LinkedIN, Twitter and many other websites to connect with friends and family. We learned how to search Google for anything in the world that we wanted to know about or buy. We now have a website that is designed and dedicated specifically for the Baby Boomer generation. It provides new methods to connect with boomers of like interests, Socially as well as Professionally…anywhere in the connected world.


People who were born from 1946-1964 in the US are Baby Boomers and are eligible to register for a membership. A spouse or significant other who is not a Baby Boomer, but endorsed by an existing member is also accepted. Membership is complimentary.


We have partnered with some of the most well known Lifestyle websites that provide products and services for the Baby Boomer generation.

Mobile APP Icon

Once you are Registered, upload the following BoomerIT APP icon from your mobile device to your mobile device. It provides you with easy access to this website 24-7-365. There are 2 simple steps to save this app to your mobile phone: iphoneScreen 1. Tap the icon at the bottom of the screen 2. Then choose “Add to Home Screen”

Giving Back

A portion of all revenue generated, is donated to the Vietnam Veterans of America.